Tube and sheet metal cutting

Tube and sheet metal cutting

Modern technology helps us carry out large-scale orders with laser precision on a daily basis.

Laser cutting is a modern method of sheet metal processing, which allows for fast and precise cutting and repeatability of series. This process guarantees considerable flexibility of material thickness and advanced possibilities of automatic production.  

The service of laser cutting is realized using TRUMPF laser

Technical data:

  • laser power – 3200 W
  • work surface – 3000×1500 mm
  • metal sheet thickness – up to 20 mm
  • stainless metal sheet thickness – 10 mm

To cut large volumes of production, workpieces with many holes and perforations we use a turret punching machine CNC AMADA EMZ with automatic feeder

Technical data:

  • workspace – 1500×3000 mm
  • steel sheet – up to 3.2 mm
  • metal color – up to 6 mm

In our machine park we also have a hall of eccentric and hydraulic presses with a maximum pressure of 200 tons and a numerical AMADA GPX 630 guillotine with a maximum cutting length of 3000 mm and a sheet thickness of 3 mm.

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