About company

About company

Kordas Sp. z o.o. is a family owned business which due to its high work ethic and entrepreneurial thinking has become a regional leader in manufacturing steel products. We provide services of tube and sheet metal cutting, metal bending, turning and milling, shot blating, powder coating, manual as well as robotic welding. Moreover, we specialise in assembly of household products, furniture components, heavy and energy industry. The integral part of our offer is drawing and technology modelling in ERP system and CAD/CAM software.

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Company’s history

Kordas Sp. z o.o. is situated in south of Poland, in lower Silesia. In 2005 , in picturesque Srebrna Góra,  Józef Kordas and Marcin Górski founded one of the most thriving company’s in the area. Combination of youth and experience in the field of metal processing resulted in company’s fast development. Ever since Kordas Sp. z o.o.  continues to perfect its services.

Since 2008, Ewelina Kordas and Marcin Górski, new owners continue company’s further development by extending number of employees and introducing new organizational structure. 

Currently the president of the company is Jarosław Kielar.

Kordas – About us

We regularly enhance our services thanks to modernisation of the machine park, improvement of employees’ qualifications and comprehensive control of production processes at every stage.

We put particular emphasis on sustainable development, optimalisation of costs and zero-error quality standards . Kordas’ team is costumer-oriented as such we are aware that our reliability, quality and efficiency determines the success of production and business projects carried out by our partners. 

One of the pillars of our success is qualified crew. We are proud that 90% of the team come from a  local community. We work locally – we think globally.

Over the years we have developed logistics capabilities and perfected costumer service. We are present on the Polish as well as on the international markets. We have cooperated with major European companies: DeLaval Group, Ahrend Group, ABB Group, Fayat Group, Rockwell. 

Apart from co-operation with the private sector, Kordas collaborates with NGO’s as well as public institutions . Furthermore, company pursues scholarship programmes together with the vocational schools from the area.

We think prospectively, we are open to new trends and technology. Costumer’s vision is a challenge that we purse with passion and devotion. 


Innovative thinking

Cost Optimisation




Our values not only define our identity but also shape company’s culture and impact our business strategy.







As a  local manufacturing leader of steel elements, with global aspirations,  we act in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner. We strive to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Kordas company constantly aims to reduce carbon emission, preserve resource and promote equal social progress.




Clean Energy




Responsible Production

Corporate Philantropy

Kordas Sp. z o.o. identify itself  with the concept  of corporate social responsibility. Owners, Ewelina Kordas and Marcin Górski, for many years have been supporting local community through variety of  charity campaigns and broadly understood sponsoring.

One of the main sponsorship  projects is funding of the cycling team SGR Srebrna Góra; whose cyclists have achieved many international successes . Moreover, Kordas enterprise have taken an active part in creating cycling paths “Single Track Glacensis”, thereby, popularizing the sport among local community.