Sheet metal and profile bending

Sheet metal and profile bending

Our bending possibilities are very wide - both thin and thick sheets are bent with great accuracy and precision.

We perform sheet bending with the use of CNC – AMADA press brakes. 

We have 6 HFE series press brakes, including the most modern 3i with hydraulic drive, with productivity enhancing additives, as well as a highly innovative touch screen interface.

Thus, we guarantee high quality of workmanship and stability of processing.

Process parameters:

  • maximum pressing force: 200 tons
  • beam length: 3110 mm
  • distance between frame posts: 2700 mm
  • tiles: from 0.6 mm to 20 mm

We bend pipes with the ERCOLINA CML TM76 hydraulic press

Process parameters:

  • pipe diameter: 10-76.2 mm
  • radius: 19-254 mm
  • maximum bending angle: 190 °

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