Powder coating

Powder coating

Bearing in mind the quality, efficiency and saving of production costs, we offer a powder coating service in modern powder coating plants.

We have two lines for powder coating: automatic and tact.

The automatic line is equipped with a paint booth, 14 automatic and 2 manual guns to better cover the difficult structure and a system for the recovery of powder paint.

Both lines are equipped with a fully motorized GEMA powder coating application system and a 6-zone washer based on alkaline degreasing and passivation together with its own reverse osmosis station, which guarantees high quality of surface preparation.

We can obtain a coating in full RAL colours with any finishing effect (matt, semi-matt, gloss with a fine or coarse grain structure).

Every day, the painting process is monitored in our laboratory, where we carry out tests of strength, elasticity, adhesion, polymerization, thickness, gloss and dirt in the CIELab system.

Process parameters – maximum dimension of painted elements:

  • automatic line: 2500 x 700 x 1500 mm
  • clock line: 6000 x 1500 x 2400 mm

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