Kordas’ patronage class is gaining momentum

The job market has been through a huge amount of upheaval over the last two years due to the pandemic of Covid-19 and the current geopolitical situation. It would appear that the aforementioned occurrences have only accelerated the already ongoing changes. Remote work or automation have become a normality in many workplaces; which overall, as many argue, has had a positive impact on the working environment.  

Nevertheless, despite certain alterations,  majority of European companies are struggling  with the lack of qualified workforce. The increasing skill gap means that many firms have to rethink their employment policy.

At Kordas we always try to stay on top of the substantial changes and trends. We think prospectively, hence,  we actively participate in shaping vocational-education in the area. Recently signed patronage agreement between our company and the Vocational School in Ząbkowice Śląskie is gaining momentum.

In order to strengthen the initiative we have prepared a number of incentives for the members of the patronage class.

 Firstly, all students will have a chance to take part in the internship, organized by our company, during which they will acquire practical vocational skills.

Secondly, free English lessons. We want our interns and workers to be ale to communicate in a foreign language.

Thirdly, free transport to the workplace.  We would like to offer our interns free transport to the workplace.

Last but not least, we will fund grants for four best interns who will be most engaged during the internship.

Indeed, we are really  proud of the initiative , because it is a unique example of a win-win situation which benefits the students, development of school as well as our company.