Laser and punch cutting

Considering diversity of our production, to obtain the shortest time and the best quality we use two technologies of metal sheet cutting.



A modern method of metal sheet processing allows quick and precise cutting and series reproducibility. This process guarantees significant flexibility of material thickness and advanced possibilities of automatic production.


We offer two TRUMPH TruLaser 3030


process parameters:

laser power - 3200 W

work surface - 3000x1500 mm

metal sheet thickness - up to 20 mm

stainless metal sheet thickness - 10 mm



For cutting high production volumes, details with many holes and perforation we use CNC machines.


Turret-laser punching machine AMADA Apelio III 261017

process parameters:

workspace - 1500x3500 mm

steel sheet - up to 3,2 mm

color metals - do 6 mm


Turret punching machine AMADA AC 2510 NT

process parameters:

workspace - 1250x3000 mm

steel sheet - up to 3,2 mm

color metal - up to 6mm


In our machinery park we also have a workshop with hydraulic punching machines with max. pressure of 200 tones and a numerical guillotine AMADA GPX 630 with max cut length 3000 mm and thickness 3mm.

design: WildCube Studio